Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ohio is a State of Emergency

3:41pm, Monday Ohio - State of Emergency Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland says about 2 million customers in the state are without power in the wake of high winds from the remnants of Hurricane Ike. Strickland also has declared a state of emergency, which will allow the Ohio Department of Transportation to help local communities remove debris from roads. 84 of the state's 88 counties received damage. At least four people were killed when hit by toppled trees or falling branches. A fifth person was electrocuted working on a generator Monday. Strickland says it will take days to restore power in all areas of the state.
About 450 school districts canceled classes on Monday, and one-third of state traffic signals were down.

This is what is going on right now. At our house we are some of the lucky. We lost the soffits and some siding. Luckily for us we were able to walk down our street and collect all the pieces. One of our neighbors were nice enough to run out in the high winds and gather the soffits. Our winds were 70 and 90 mph. It came out of no where. We are the Lucky ones! We look around and there is destruction everywhere. People have trees in their homes, cars and blocking roads. I had to go out in the traffic yesterday and the people are acting like its the end of the world out there. I was ran off the road and almost side swiped twice and I made it home and I will not be going out in that until people calm down.

Here are some pictures of what is going on.

Mark and Brother Dorman from our Ward were able to build a structure and then put a ladder on the porch and put it all back up. I did not get pictures of them doing this because I was to afraid to look. This was the highest and hardest to get to place on our house. I'm so glad that Bro. Dorman and Mark were able to get this done. Thanks Guys!!!

We are just in shock at how bad it is. Gas stations are not able to give gas because of no power to make the pumps run. Water is being conserved. Schools are closed. Hospitals are full and turning people away. People are getting angry. Mark has to work out in it all. Putting people's power back to their houses but I'm just glad that he's the person that people really want to see out there so I know that he is safe. I know that we are safe where we are, we just don't go out in the ciaos and we can wait it's not a big deal. I'm grateful for food storage now!

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Anonymous said...

I am happy to hear you are safe. I forget that I have family that is affected by the hurricanes. Love you guys!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I am also glad to hear you guys are okay. If there is anything we can do for you, let us know.


the Dancer said...

I'm glad you guys are all safe! And yes, thank heavens for food storage (and smart people who actually have it!)

Lauren & Bridger said...

I cannot believe what is going on in Ohio. That is so crazy, I am glad you are all doing well. I love to see the pictures of the kids, especially the twin they look like they have such personalities. (Even though Bridger is my favorite.) Glad to see you are doing so well.