Friday, September 19, 2008

My Baby

My Baby is growing up. I know it sounds silly. I didn't want this baby to grow up. Bridger is my cuddle bug. None the less he is growing and changing. He still prefers that I hold him all day long, which is fine, and I do. He loves watching his big brother and big sister play. You can tell by the look in his eye that he can't wait to follow them around. Now at meal times he wants to sit in his high chair and watch us all eat. It's really funny since I still only breastfeed him. I have given him a few things like a few teaspoons of rice cereal and some carrots but he doesn't much care for them. I know what you are thinking how can that baby be so fat and only eat milk?! Bridger is happy to watch us eat for now and play with his little toys. I can honestly say that it is with great pleasure to have my babies grow and be healthy but I still wish that time would slow down just a little so I can enjoy it more.

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Ma Porter said...

Bridger is growing fast and I love your blog and the videos you send us on our phone so we don't miss all of this. Mom & Dad