Friday, May 30, 2008


So here are our new family portraits. These pictures were done by Chris Armold. There are lots of really good ones. Here are the best. The twins were not in the best of moods this day, so it was difficult to get a good look for the whole family. I think that Chris did a awesome job. If anyone needs a photographer let me know.

Here are Logan and Lola's first 'push ups". I know, I don't normally give sugar to my kids (let alone things colored red). I had a weak moment and it was very cute and the twins loved it. After the twins were done Lola looked down and said "I'm icky!". We gave them both a bath.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Here are some pics of Mark's VW Bug that I got him for Mother's Day.

Mark and I bought our house after about 6 months of marriage. I wanted out of our apartment. We realized that we could not buy a house like our parents have. We went to the 'other side of town'. I don't like where we live, I call it the 'ghetto'. Don't get me wrong I love the house, the inside. I don't like how small our yard is, or how close the other houses are. We hope to be out of our house in two years (That's when we are putting it on the market). Any ways, there has been this very ugly retention wall at the bottom of our front yard. Mark and always said every year we were going to build a new one. That is a lot of money (for the wall I would like). Mark and I don't want to put a lot of money in a house we know we won't be in long. Therefor I asked Mark to take the wall down. Weeks had passed. I try not to ask him to do to much because he works so much. One Saturday about 3 weeks ago the twins were a sleep. So I went off to the shower. I took Bridger with me at sat him the the boppy on the floor. Mark was going to do whatever. I got out of the shower and to my surprise this is what I found. I know that it is going to look really bad until the grass starts growing in. I am so glad that the ugly wall has been taken down. Thanks Mark!

Garage Sell! It was fun. Mark and I (and the babies) slept at my parents house. I did not want to wake super early and get everyone over there just to set up. First of all the twins loved the fact that we were at Grandma's. Second they knew that they could do anything they wanted. Mark and I were so tired from getting everything over there. The twins were so excited that they could not sleep. They were up until 11:30 or midnight. I'm not sure I gave up and went to sleep.

Here are some pictures of the twins in the morning.

Here is the twins playing with the first double stroller we had. It sold. Yeah!

Here is Bridger hanging out in this super nice swing my mom has.

Mark enjoying the fact my mom has cable, and the twins jumping on our bed.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I have told some this story. This is horrifying, gross and just down right wrong!
First of all have you ever been told that monkeys throw poop?!
On Sunday morning after Mark made us waffles I was walking through the dinning room, I steeped on something sticky... I looked, it smelled. Gross! Poop!! I was gagging, I can not stand poop, I'm a little germaphobic (I really am). I cleaned it all up and tried to put it out of my mind. A few days later I was upstairs putting laundry away, the twins were in their room playing. The dog was walking around. I saw something on the floor I went to see what it was and stepped in something, poop again! The thing that I saw, poop. There were all these little poop pellets (ok like 3, but still)I cleaned it up. Completely grossed out I blamed it on the dog. We just gave a dog a way a few months ago because she pooped in the house. I did like this dog I did not want to get rid of her. I just let it slide.
Fast forward a few more days. I was putting laundry away again. Logan and Lola playing in their room. All their toys are in there room and there is a baby gate at the door so as they can not get in to any other rooms upstairs. As I was putting laundry away I could hear the kids playing, the baby was asleep in his room. The dog was just walking around following me like always. I look at the video baby monitor watching the kids as they played, I could not see Lola. I walked out of my room to the twins room so I could see what she was up to. Her hand was in her pants. Ewww!I know that it is a common problem for kids this age with there hands in the pants. I started to go into the room so I could talk to her about the and go wash her hands. Just as I started to go in the room she saw me. Took her hand out of her pants. And Threw Poop!!! My little princess! I was gagging. Wishing Mark was home . I had found the 'poop monster'. I was so grossed out. Knowing that she had been doing this. I not knowing that is was her. Knowing that I am a germaphob. I bathed her. I bathed the boys. I bathed myself and cleaned all surfaces that that child could touch.
Thankfully Lola has not done this for a while. I pray that she never does again.

Friday, May 16, 2008

So So busy!

Hi there! No pictures this time. Sad. Any who know we are having a yard sell this week end!! We hope to sell some of our baby stuff that we don't need any more. Loads of stuff!
We have been super busy lately. Logan and Lola are growing. Lola is biting. Logan is crying. Bridger is... well... crying too! I'm going a little crazy and Mark is working tons.
I dropped the twins at my moms house this week for a few hours so I could do some yard work. I got some done but there is only so much you can do with a baby still with ya.
Last Saturday I bought Mark a '75 VW beetle. Happy Mama's day, lol! I am really happy that we were able to get Mark another VW. I grew up in a family that always had one or was going to get one soon. I love VW bugs, I have a small collection of mini die cast figures (silly I know). Mark and I can hardly wait to get the bug fixed up.
We have been really busy working with the twins on manners. I feel like some days we make progress and others we are back at square one. Potty training is still an issue. I don't mind having three babies in diapers all the time. Just some times it would be nice for them to poop in the toilet for me (I know I am dreaming). Some of you know that I cloth diaper my kids. Yes, all three and I wash them myself. Its a lot of work but I believe it is worth it.
Bridger is healthy, that's great, but he has colic! I thought that Logan had colic but no, Bridger has colic. I think that is why I am so scattered and I feel so out of touch with everyone. I can't be on the phone because I can't hear anything over the cries. Its hard not to be able to comfort your own baby. Sometimes I just cry because Mark is gone all the time (working very hard to support us) and there is no one that really understands the situation. I love my babies so much. I just want to be able to have an hour or two a week to myself. May be next year when Mark graduates from school I will have someone to help out for a while. I don't feel bad for myself at all, I chose this life, I planned it. I feel bad for the children that I don't feel 100% like myself that I can't do all the things I want to do with them.
I am a very self reliant person. I go grocery shopping by myself with the kids. I push the double stroller, pull the shopping cart and breastfeed the baby in a sling while grocery shopping for the week all in under an hour. I just don't like when people come up to me while I am doing all this and want to talk to me about whether or not my children where planned, if I am married, or if I plan to have more. Sometimes I just stare at them, so rude some of the conversations that people start with me. Don't get me wrong I am nice to most people I let them look at my babies ( no touching, please!), I will give them short minute. There are just a small percent of people that feel like they should be aware for your fertility and part of the conversation of having more babies ' this day in age'. I am a very open person but please a little privacy. Sorry I had to purge a little frustration, I'm all better now.
Last week we got kicked out of the library. Lola did not want to help me look for a book. Lola took a bite out of Logan. Logan cried and cried. The baby then started to cry, he was easy I just gave him boob ( that's what we call breastfeeding). Lola continued to act ugly. She took out a small section of books off the bookshelf. I was super embarrassed because the books she took out were all the sexual type books (*** I was looking at the books on the other side***) I was horrified (They should not have those books in the library). Lola just screamed and kicked. One of the librarians saw all this, came over laughing and gave me some help and said it was better if I took her out for a while. I made a very fast getaway. I just know that If I am going to look at books of how to prune roses I will make sure that the twins are not there to push the books on the other side out and make a embarrassing mess.
Any who, that is a little of what is going on. I will post some picture soon of all the things we have been up to lately. Just know if we have no called, e-mailed or missed a date on the calender it is because we are busy and I apologise.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mail time! The twins just love mail, they love it even more when its for them. My sister,Brandi, send a postcard from Guam. My sister is in the Navy and shes 'on cruise'. She is stationed on the USS Nimitz. Just watch that PBS program (it's on all the time here) and you will see that it is not really a 'cruise'. Any who, my sister put these awesome 'pop' stickers on the post card and the twins think it is so awesome. They love the 'piggy's'. The twins can hardly wait for Auntie B to come home and visit. Shes coming in June. I can't wait for her to meet Bridger. We love you tons Brandi! We are anxiously waiting you safe arrival home.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Parker was born on Monday. Tuesday I got a call that Parker's heart was enlarged and he has a heart murmur. See this is more than just scary because I had a sister, Early, who died of heart complications. Mark and the kids and I all went to see David and Sharon last night at the hospital. Parker's heart seems to be doing better but now he is having rapid breathing. He will be staying in the hospital for a few more days. We will be keeping him in our prayers.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Parker Liam is HERE!!! 10 pounds 5 ounces, 21 1/4 inches!!! David and Sharon are so happy. Sharon was only in labor for 3 hours, I am SO jealous. I have not been to see him yet because the twins have 104 temperatures and I don't want him to catch it. Lynn is so happy about her new baby brother. I hope that I can get out to see him tonight.