Saturday, November 29, 2008


Our Thanksgiving Dinner was great! I made a TURKEY!! Anyone who knows me will be impressed. I don't do meat. I can't touch it, it makes me sick just thinking of it. I did it though, I bought gloves and made the best looking turkey! It looks great too! The Kids were great the whole day. Mark and I were in the kitchen making all the preparations and we all sat together to enjoy the little feast.

Me in the Kitchen, busy at work.

My Turkey My Plate, soo yummy. Kids enjoying the food.

Logan digging in.

Lola spilled some water and decided to lick it up like a dog, ahh that girl.

After Lola started acting like a dog, Logan did too!

My Pecan casserole.

Homemade Rolls, warm and yummy!!

My Favorite Homemade Chocolate dessert, Chocolate Eclair.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


That's right, we are pregnant!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Test

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My 2? Birthday!!

For my Brithday, Mark made my cake! It wasn't pretty, but it had love. He made a mess out of the kitchen. He even tried to color the frosting in the bag!! I love him so much. He made my birthday so wonderful! Thanks Mark!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Birthday Snow?!

I have always wanted to have warm weather for my birthday. I remember my Mom taking me shopping at Sam's club when I was small and I saw those awesome huge water toys, I would always say, "Mom, I want THAT for my birthday!". My Mom would ever so sweetly say, "Honey, I will buy that for you if you will use it ON your birthday." She knew she was safe.
I looked at the weather for tomorrow and it looks like snow, so I guess it is another year with out water toys, darn.
I think I have figured out all my birthday 'surprises', I do every year. I don't like to be surprised. I don't really like my birthday either, but I am learning to try to like it more. I will post pictures of the events tomorrow when I pose for the pictures.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Teething Tablets

After my last post I have tried to contact Hyland's Homeopathic Co., I was put on hold and someone would be with me, is what I was told. I stayed on the phone for a long time and no one ever got to me. I continued to call and finally today I talked to someone that could/would help. Hyland's is not and will not work on putting a safer lid on their product. The woman that I talked to said that is would imply that the product is no safe, when it is. I can understand where they are coming from but I'm a little upset in how they reacted when I started asking the tough questions. The lady continued to tell me that if a parent when to a hospital saying that the child had too many that the doctors would immediately start to pump the child's stomach (and it would be unnecessary) when they was the lid. I'm sorry but doctors don't just look at the lids of products! I'm upset in the way the woman was so very callous with me. As I believe in the product and have used it for a few years I will have a hard time recommending this product when the company is sooo "helpful" (I hope you can see my sarcasm).

Friday, November 7, 2008


I am a mother that when my children are teething I don't give medicine unless they are running very high fevers. That being said I do use teething tablets that seem to help when my babies are cutting teeth. Bridger has been teething a lot recently and I keep these tablets on my bedside so I can give him a few in the middle of the night. I keep them high my bedside and it is very hard to get to. I have a jewelry box that sits on the bedside and a few books that sit on the j. box, then I have the teething tablets. With all that being said yesterday I was getting the baby changed and I noticed Lola was sitting in my bed snuggled in the blankets. This is the first time she has ever gotten into our bed by herself. Our bed is waist high and its not easy for them get into (I thought it was impossible still, read on). So I chuckled to my self that she was snuggled in my bed I was going to run in the room and jump in bed with her and read a book with her but as I walked into the room I noticed that she was eating something! She gotten to the teething tablets. She looked at me and started to put the lid on the bottle (that is not child proof, I'm calling to complain about that!) and she said, "MMmmm, Good Candy!". I said, " OH no, that's not candy that's medicine!". Lola started crying because she knows that medicine is a big no no. I told her that we had a phone call to make.
I called poison control! I always said I would NEVER be the Mom who was careless enough that I would need to call poison control. I made the call and counted the tablets to get a estimate of how much she had consumed, she ate about 50 tablets. I told this to the nurse that was helping me and said I was lucky that this is all natural because there is not enough to hurt her. She went on to tell me that Lola could have eaten the whole bottle and been fine. Lola was happy when I told her she didn't have to go to the doctor (so was I). Needless to say I will never underestimate my kids again, I got lucky that this is all she got. I know now that this is a number that I will memorize.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Baby Food

(This is Bridger a few weeks ago)

Bridger is growing up way to fast for me. I planned to breastfeed him for the first year exclusively. I have been giving him a little taste of bananas when I have one. This last week I gave him a few teaspoons of sweet potatoes and realized that he is more than ready for more food. I figured I would make his food just as I did with the twins. I have got more (better) ideas on storage and making process. My Mom, who has a daycare has tons of these little containers that are making it a lot nicer for storage. Here I will give you the step by step of how I do it.

I bought some green beans, always strain and take the ends off.

Don't those beans look so yummy?

Peel and cut the sweet potatoes, you can bake and scrape but I like to boil because I use all the water in the pot, I'll tell ya later. It really looks good, right?

Can you see the steam?
Can you taste it yet? It was hard to make because i wanted to eat it!I boil until tender and then put the food in the processor. KEEP the juice you will need it to make the food a little thinner. TIP: sweet potatoes need lots of water added because they are so dry. Thats why I like to boil. That way I don't loose any vitamins and minerals. I was getting frustrated because my machine would not work... can you see it? I didn't plug it in. Silly me!
All those green beans and this is all it made. I label with the foods name and date it was cooked, I also put our name on it, just in case.
Here is all I made Monday night. I'm really glad my Mom can get those containers it makes so much easier.

My finished products.Now I just put them in my deep freezer in the basement and put a weeks worth in the freezer up stairs and a days worth (only 1 for now) in the fridge. I warm the food my placing it in a bowl of hot water, I stir until warm all the way through.
*All this from start to finish was only 2 hours and it saved me over $20*

Monday, November 3, 2008


So I haven't got any of my projects finished. I will tell you why in the next post. I really want to talk about the elections coming this week. If you read my blog I'm sure you know who I'm voting for. I want to make sure that everyone knows that If you are voting for McCain you need to get the the polls Nov. 4th (tomorrow). If you are voting for Obama, your day to vote is Nov. 5th (Wednesday), they are giving you an extra day! Now that I got that news out I can rest assured.