Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bath Time...

One of Bridger's favorite things is water. This kid is a little fish. He loves when I give him a bath and just let him kick after I wash him. He thinks he is sooo clever that he can splash water. Note that he is being modest for the pictures!

Look at Bridger!!!

Most people know that Bridger has never slept in his bed. Not even really play in it. We even put it in the basement at the end of May and just set it back up this past week. He will play in it if one of us stand there at watch him, he is so silly. Here he is playing with some toys, and wearing Aqua Bats shirt, that's right Aqua Bats, ha ha.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Baby Pictures

Everyone says that Lola looks a lot like me... I don't know. I got some pictures of me and scanned them to see what you think. Let me know.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Crap in my Life

So I love, Love my babies, but having three in diapers is a lot of crap to deal with, literally. I put Bridger in his jumper and went to get some stuff done in the kitchen and I heard him laughing, I ran and got my camera and this is what I saw. Can you see it right a way???

Yeah, that's real poop! Gross ehh??

More Boonshoft pictures

Lola trying to open the lego show box.
Logan working hard on making lego 'homes'.
Lola (I didn't get her face) telling me that the sand it 'hot'! and I need to be careful.
Logan very serious about his archaeological dig in process
Still going at it.

Boonshoft Fun

I took the kids to Boonshoft again last week and here are some pictures from our adventures.

The kids wouldn't get in the dance room with the big kids so they danced outside.
Logan showing the Otter's how he jumps.
Logan driving the pickup truck It's his fav.
going to jail, hmmmmm, no locks?
Lola play vet with the chicken she found.

So I am happy with my self. I have started to let the twins walk with me when we go places. They love it! I took them to Boonshoft again last week and they ran around. I love taking them there. I'm still a little bit of a nut, I watch out for the strange people and the wierdo's, and find ways to get a way from them. I don't let people touch my kids I just don't know who they are and in this world you can never be to careful. Some people may think I'm strange but thats ok I'm just keeping my kids safe. Any who with being the way I am I finally let them walk/run around with me following.

The dress up Queen!

Lola has learned the craft of dress up. At Lynn's birthday Lynn got a bunch of dress up stuff from Grandma T, and Lola wanted to wear it. And she did Lynn didn't mind. Here are the funny picures.

Lola, you can't have that!

Lola told me she wants a pet! A Cat! I don't like cats, sorry to all my cat loving friends but I just don't like them. My brother just got this little one and Lola is in love. I did get her a new pet, I will post pictures soon but there will be no cats/ kittens or feline of any kind.


Ok some people know that birds and cats scare me. They just freak me out. I've had some 'no so good' encounters with these creatures. Any ways I was going grocery shopping and there were some really rare birds to look at. They we raising money. Logan and Lola thought it was soooo cool to see these big birds. They made me stand there while they looked for 15 minutes. I finally told them that we needed to get our grocery shopping done. They we mad, they screamed the whole time I was doing the shopping.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

In Memory of Gilbee and Ivee

I try to stay positive, really I do. I have negative days. Today is neither I just have things I need to work at and work though. Some people know that since I had my baby that died, Ivee, that I have not been the same. That's true. It has been a struggle to get up every day since I deliverd her (Feb.2,2007). I had just lost a baby before her, we named that baby also, Gilbee. I knew that Gilbee's pregnancy was not right from the beginning, I knew that he was going to pass. Ivee, was different I felt her move and twist in my belly, I got morning sickness, she kept me up all night with her little moves. My belly got big, Mark and I would lay on the couch and rub my swollen belly. I loved that pregnancy. Yeah, the twins were really young for me to have another baby but I was ready. The week before I delivered Ivee our family had the flu, I felt like something was wrong with Ivee. I was told that because I was in my second trimester that things would change, I knew that. I still felt like something was wrong. I KNEW that something was wrong. I talked to my doctor who said that if I felt I needed a ultrasound to calm my mind to come down and get one. I did. In the ultrasound room it was tense. I could tell the way the tech wasn't talking that something was wrong. To make a long story shorter. Her body was there but her heart had stopped...I was so let down. I blamed myself. I blamed God. I blamed anyone I could. I swore never to have another child. I couldn't bear to have another child in my life that I couldn't take care of. As the weeks went by I realized that Blaming God was not the right thing to do. I couldn't blame anyone else, not even myself. As I realized all this I came to a better understanding. I still wanted more children and I couldn't let Ivee's death be the end. I had to continue. A few months later I got pregnant again and that's how I have Bridger Jaxon. I'm so very happy that I have him.

I need to talk about Ivee. Mark and I held her little body in our hands right after I had her. It was the saddest thing that we ever have done. To leave our little girl. I still struggle not having my Ivee with us, but I get by. I talk about my children and keep up beat, but not a day goes by that I don't think of Ivee and Gilbee. They are also my babies.

So forgive me, if I have days that I seem a little blue. There are the days it is harder to live with that memory of Gilbee and Ivee. I need to remember. Here are the only pictures I have during this time in our lives. (Picture's of the pregnancies that is)

This is Lola hugging my baby bump when I was pregnant with Ivee. (The roundish grey thing is my belly)Ivee's First ultrasound picture

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Piano Lessons

Any one else read 'Goosebumps' Books? They were all the rage when I was younger. Piano lessons can be murder, was my favorite. Anyways I started introducing my twins to playing the piano. They know not to bang. They know the high keys and low keys. That's about it. I want them to feel like playing only if they want to. It doesn't bother me if they don't want to learn but I do want to introduce them to it, and be respectful of the piano. Here are some pictures of my little people at the piano.

Way to start a Week

This past Monday was the best I have had in a really long time. I started my day With Mark bathing the kids for me and giving me time to dress myself in peace. After that I went to my Friends house to 'play' in her craft room. After that I went to my Moms house for the kids nap time. I was going to watch a movie with her put you can see from the pictures below that our plans changed. Anyway it was a great day.

Here is Bridger being held my Jarrett, he's eight and Loves babies.

Logan Loved playing the the boy's toys at my friends house. They really loved it there.

Here is Lola being dressed like a princess by Grandma T.
Logan and Owen were playing pirates. Logan loved this game. Owen was to afraid to hurt Logan so he stood there and let Logan 'win'. What a great big cousin!
Lola wanted to be a pirate princess.

I even played a little. I looked like the living dead but I had fun!

Lola and Francci played wands too!

The kids were having so much fun they didn't want their naps.

Bridger wore the hat too!

Logan felt the need to slay the cute little princess, silly little boy.

Date Night

So Last Friday night we went on a date as a family. We just went to a fast food restaurant and had dinner there, and then our church was putting on a magic show and we went there after. Here are some pictures of the family while we were waiting for our food.