Monday, March 30, 2009

Mark's Graduation Surprise!

I wanted to do something special for Mark for his graduation. On a limited budget I didn't know what I could do. Mark's Mom called me on day just after Christmas and we were brain storming on what we could do. She talked about her and Mark's Dad flying out to surprise him. I said sure that would be great. I did not think we could really pull this off as a surprise but we can try. I was really good I didn't say anything to anyone until about 3 or 4 weeks before. Little did I know that some people are not good (at all) at keeping surprises. Mark did not notice when people would make 'strange' comments.
The morning of Thursday, his last day of school, Mark left for work like usual. I put in a video that Mark's parents made of them reading books to the kids so they would get reacquainted to them a little faster. I got them dressed and we headed out to the airport. Picked up Grandma and Grandpa. We then came home to clean the house, and prepare for Mark's arrival. Mark's Boss was also in on the surprise. I called him a few weeks before to see about getting Mark some days off at work and let him in on it.
Grandma Porter cleaning faces before Mark comes home.
Soothing Logan.
Logan ready for a Party!
Where's Dad?
Come on?
Bridger was fine with just playing with a balloon.

Mark ran a little late at work, normally I don't mind so much but this day I minded!

Yes, that hat is on my nose!

Lola is such a girl!!

Mark walked in from work and as I shut the door Mark's parents jumped out from behind the door. His face was priceless. We really did surprise him!
Mark's yummy Ice cream cake. I was going to make it. Then I was going to make it easy on myself and pay someone to make it. Then I forgot until the day of and just bought the ice cream cake. Ooopps!

After cake and a fast dinner Mark still had to go to his last night of school. We followed him and made him feel silly with his Mom, Dad, three kids and pregnant Wife following his to his last night of school. After class we snagged some photos next to a Sinclair flag. I don't know why we took photo of the Sinclair flag because his degree is not through Sinclair, the classes were at Sinclair only because Mecca (his school) rented space there to hold classes. Silly and Confusing but Mark did not take classes through Sinclair (just to make that clear).

We are now done! We still have the MECCA graduation Dinner in April but the school part is behind us. WE MADE IT!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Anyone who has talked to me recently has heard my talk on my projects. That's why I have been so busy. When I am pregnant all I want to do is paint. My Dear Mother is nice enough to watch my kids so I can get some things done without worrying about them getting into fumes. Here is one that I was frosting windows and started painting trim and priming walls. Yes, I am repainting the whole inside of our house. Ahh, Nesting isn't it nice?

Quick walk at the Park

Tuesday after Mark's parent left I took the kids to my Mother's house to visit. We left came home for a nap and went to the park for a quick walk. Then we came home for a wagon ride. Here are some pictures of our quick little walk in the park.

All Aboad!!

Our kids LOVE trains! So much that they play trains. This is an afternoon that Mark got some cute pictures of the game unfolding. I think it's sweet that they get Bridger involved all on their own.

This is Logan and Lola screaming, "All Aboad!".

Sunday Afternoon Pictures

I am not someone who is savvy with the camera. I am not a Mom who takes my kids to get pictures taken. I just don't have it in me. I would like to be, so here is me trying to get some cute pictures of my kids. Mind you Logan is not in a good mood for this. This was after church which starts at 9am goes to 12 noon and then Mark has to stay late counting tithing so we hang out past lunch and nap time and get home around 1:30pm. The kids didn't want to smile they wanted food and sleep. I think I got a few good ones.

Boonshoft with Cousins

Again at Boonshoft. This time we went with Owen and Francci, my brother's kids.

Bridger loves getting to ride in the backpack!

Snack time!!

I have to remind myself that I am 5months pregnant, that is why I look so..... chubby?

Again Bridger loves to catch a ride.

When he gets a little tired he can rest his sweet little head on Daddy's back, aww.

Bridger's First Birthday

My Baby is One! This year has been a fast one. Bridger, is definitely all boy and a toddler. Granted he can not walk yet, he can still get the where he wants to be and do most of what he wants.

This is Bridger with his Grandma T. He adores her so much. Shortly after our arrival he messed his outfit up and went naked for a while. I think a baby in a diaper, especially cloth, is one of the cutest things ever!
Bridger loved his gift from Grandma T, he kept smiling at her while playing with the new toy.

She also got him this cute little outfit.... so he went home dressed.

Here Bridger is opening gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Porter.
He loved opening the packages, I loved the outfits!

The Dino is what Mark and I got for Bridger. It is a fun toy!!

Yes, I let him have a cupcake.
He didn't know for sure if he could go for it.

He got the hang of it real fast!

Cupcake drunk!

He wouldn't let it go. After this picture it was to the Bath!