Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Twins are FREE?

No, I am not selling my kids! Logan and Lola have had a birthday and they are now three years old. Logan and Lola pronounce three as free. It's really cute because Lola will say she is four, then I ask her, "Lola, HOW old are you?" Lola replies, "I'm free (meaning three)". I can not believe how fast the last three years have gone. Those years Mark and I prayed to have children and then how blessed to get pregnant with our twins. After a very difficult pregnancy and many scares of loosing our little twins, they are as healthy as can be! Logan and Lola have enriched our lives and forever changed the way we look at the world.
Here are some pictures from their party. Grandma T, gave a really awesome birthday gift but I have not taken pictures of it yet, darn! I will get some pictures of the soon too.

Lola ran into the room and was so happy to see balloons.
Logan wanted nothing to do with all this 'party' stuff.
Bridger was all about the birthday stuff!
I don't know what was happening when this picture was taken, but I think it is very funny.
Logan finally accepted holding his water colors that he got.
Lola was trying to get Logan to open his gifts.
He just clung to me. I think this is when he started feeling a little sick.
Bridger was taking advantage of Logan not looking at all the goodies.
He even opened a gift, too!
Logan LOVED this book that Grandma and Grandpa Porter gave him, he got to write in it!
Bridger wanted to paint.
I just made simple cupcakes for the kids.
Blowing out the candles.CUPCAKE!! They were so excited about getting such a special treat. Can you tell I don't give them much sugar?
Logan was sooo happy about seeing cake. This is what a birthday is all about in his book!Messing little faces.Finally a great smile from that boy! It's all about the cake. (Note for next year!)

We got the kids a teeter totter for the inside and Mark was trying it out with them. I don't think it is made for 'Big kids'.
I just can't believe that my twins are that old. I can still close my eyes are remember holding both little newborns on my chest and weeping tears of joy. I feel so happy to have such wonderful children.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My sick boys

My kids are finally starting to feel better, though I say this every day. Here is a picture from tonight. Logan really wanted me to hold him while he went to sleep and I couldn't say no. Bridger, well.... I always have rocked him to sleep, it's 'our' time together. Tonight the boys decided that they could share me, this time. As you can see Logan was fast asleep in no time and Bridger was shortly there after. I love my little 'snuggle bugs'. It is times like these that you can feel the blessings of children.