Friday, April 25, 2008

Here are the twins are lunch today. They are working on drinking out of 'big kid' cups.

I am so tired of sippy cups I can hardly wait for this to be permanent.

This is how the twins are when they had to go to the doctor. I know its gross but I did let them play with the toys in the waiting room this time, yuck! I washed all hands after. Logan did not want any part of this going to the doctor thing, he made that really clear. Lola didn't much mind it at first. Lola is only 20 1/4 pounds 331/4 inches tall. Logan is 26 pounds and 33 inches tall. Lola is so tiny that the doctor asked for some tests to be done just to make sure she is growing the way she should. I'm not to worried, I was only 18 pounds at 2 and I was fine. Any who, the twins are doing great! Right on track with everything if not above. Lola sang her ABC's while signing some of them. She also showed the Doctor that she can read all her ABC's even out of order. Logan showed that he knows all his colors in sign and can point them out. Then Logan was done, he does not like to 'show off' for people. Lola on the other has no problem showing everyone all the things she knows.

Here are some super cute pictures of Baby Bridger. He is growing so fast! Last week he went to the doctor and got a 'clean bill of health'. No more monitors, no more 'tests'. I still have to watch him a little closer, but it seams that the scary part is over (a lot sooner than we thought it would be). Some of you know that we believe in co-bedding, or 'the family bed idea'. It may sound strange to most but all parents do it in some form. When a child is sick and you bring him to bed so you can keep a close eye and get some sleep, thats called co-bedding. We did this with the twins off and on, until they were comforable to sleep in their own beds by themselves. It was really hard because we had a full size bed and it was very crampt. Now we have a king size bed, yeah! The twins still sleep in there room with each other, in separate toddler beds. Bridger has it made, our bed is a memory foam very nice. Anyways he only has to start moving a little and he gets to nurse because I know that is what he is wanting so I give it to him before he even cries for it. We had to make our bed a little safer for the baby so we got the bed rail, it folds down durring the day after I make the bed so it is out of sight. Mark and I love this arragement because we get more sleep because we don't have to get out of bed all night to check on him and to feed him and all that stuff. It has changed our lives. Plus it is the best 'birth control'. LOL

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Coloring, why do kids like it sooo much. My Twins love to play outside. Logan and Lola would be outside all day if I let them. The baby gets to warm, so we have to come in after a while. The only way I can get the twins in without tears is to tell them that it is art time. They each have a roll of paper that they have to put on the table in case of an ' art accident ' and then they can choose what they want to do. We like water colors, markers, crayons and playdough. Crayons are Logan and Lola's favorite right now. The picture above is right before nap time, after playing outside. Nothing like a little crayons to calm down before a nap. As you can see Lola doesn't always follow directions, she likes to color while laying down.

Friday, April 11, 2008

It is very hard to see what is happening in this picture. This week we took the 'Binky' away. That is something that I have been fighting with them over for a long time. One day, I was done!! Mark cut the tip of the Binky's off and gave them to the twins. Logan and Lola thought it was funny. Mark asked them if they wanted to put them in the trash and they did. It was done. That was it!? This is going to be easy.... After hours of tears (mostly Mom) the kids went to sleep. The next day at nap time they cried again, no big deal I am sticking with it. After only 45 minutes the twins gave up and went to sleep. I heard the kids snoring really loud. I went to look in at them. As soon as I opened the door I hit something (not hard). I got on the floor to look under the door to see what is was. This is what I saw. This is Lola the view from under the door. It is just too funny, she was waiting for me. I was lucky to get the picture because she woke up just as I was taking the pictures. I then put her in her bed and she finished her nap.

Our Lola loves to read. This is Sunday after church, reading the Sunday newspaper. I have to make sure she always get the Life and Style section.

Our Logan loves to dance!! Here is Logan trying to Break Dance. He does this little move every chance he gets. Its so cute!

Bridger is now off the Apnea monitor.

This is him on the last day of monitoring. We are so happy that this is gone. He was diagnosed with collapsing trachea, but he has improved tremendously. The doctor says that his little muscles just need to grow and develop a little more. For now all we have to do is keep a close eye on him.