Tuesday, September 30, 2008


In horse racing terminology, a trifecta is a parimutuel bet in which the bettor must predict which horses will finish first, second, and third in exact order.

Has anyone ever had this happen? I did. I have this thing with cars if I drive it I know if it's going to break down. Silly I know but I have proven it. We have three cars, '75 VW Bug, '97 Honda Passport, '00 Chevy Venture. I had a feeling that after we got the bug that something was going to go wrong. Mark was driving it to work one day and his back tire came right off, yeah I was scared. Lucky for him it was 2:00 in the morning on his way to work and no one was around and he found all the lug nuts and put the tire on and came back home to get a different car. Now we are selling the car because we want to get a older bug (that's a different story). The Mini van (sigh), I knew that something was wrong I told Mark that I had a really bad feeling that something is going to go wrong, about 2 weeks later the 'solenoid' blew. We started driving the passport until we could find the money to get our van fixed. Well I told Mark that I didn't have a good feeling about it. Last Thursday night I was on my was home from picking up my kids at my Mom's house I was really tired I had spent all day at school. Mark was already at school for the evening so I was coming home alone with all my babies. I started leaving my Mom's house and got on the highway and the radio stopped working. Not a big deal... I was going on the next highway to get to my house and my lights stopped working. I was scared, it was dusk and I didn't want to get hit. Finally I was praying while driving that I would just make it home. The car COMPLETELY died in front of my house. Luckily I had enough speed to make it up the hill of my drive way. I was SAFE, and so were my little sleeping babies. I called my Mom crying, what do I do??? I had school early in the Morning and no way to get there, Mark had work and no way to get there. My Mom calmed my down and came up with a plan. The next day Mark called off at his early morning job because he had no way to get there. Mom then came over at 6:30 in the morning loaded my kids in her van and let me drive all the way to her house and drop her off with my kids so I could go to school. What a MOM! The next day was Saturday. Mark got permission to drive his work truck (the company's) to his other job, that way he could work (Thanks Branch!). Then later that Morning my Mom brought over a Mechanic (One of my brother's) and tools and parts to help fix our cars. That was WAY beyond the calls of a Mother. So we were down three cars and now we are back to two, the VW will hopefully get fixed this Saturday. So a HUGE, MEGA Thank You to my Mom for saving the day! You are wonderful. Hugs!

Superhero's and LOVE.

Some people know that Mark and I, we love superhero movies. Who doesn't, there is your 'Bad guy', and few 'Good guys'. There is somethings that may or may not damage life as we know it. The Good Guy's come in and take over, banishing the Bad Guys and saving the World. Sometimes there is even a quite Girl who looks at the 'Good Guy' from afar and waits for him. She worries for him and his safety and calmly waits knowing that someday she will have her turn. Well in my life it's not like that. I found my 'Superhero' many years ago. He and I feel in LOVE and thought everything in the world was wonderful. Then we added kids. Even Better! The last 1.5 year Mark has been working really hard. Working two jobs and going to school. Sometimes even on the weekends putting a ladder in our van and going to do work for other people. We have had little family time. I have been raising our children almost by myself. I really wanted to have my Love closer. Mark and I are both at a point we can no longer take it. We decided that it was time for Mark to stop working at his second job, and just take some over-time with his full time job. I think its going to work out. I just hope that raises come faster so he doesn't have to take as much time away from his children. Mark is a great hard worker. Really, I'm not just saying that. I have seen his deal with some really rude people and he really knows how to handle himself and get things done. I am really happy that finally he will get to spend sometime with our kids. My husband is my joy and my Love(r). I am so happy to have him. So thinking of our lives as Superhero's I guess he is like my Captain America and I am the girl who is finally getting her wish to spend more time with the guy she looks at from afar.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Who's your Doula?

That's right ladies now there IS a Doula in the family. I have been working on becoming a Doula. Thanks to my Mom who is making it possible AND paving the way AND taking care of all my kids. Thanks to my Husband for the support, that is like no other. My kids for being understanding. Mark's Mom for working on my shirts. Aunt Peggy for doing the embroidery. Ashley A. for letting my be there for the delivery of her Son that inspired me to do this. Paige for telling my that it is a good idea. Yvonne for letting me know that what ever I do it is great. Now that I name dropped quite a few people I know I forgot someone... YOU. (I think that covered it:)
I am working on getting Certified with DONA. I have a lot of work to get it done but I will hopefully have it done by the time Mark Graduates for his program (March). With that being said, Will you have a baby so i can be your Doula? I'm just kidding, maybe. Anyways, spread the word I do have business cards so let me know if you want me to drop some in the mail to you. Thanks bunches!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sick Days

So last week Mark and Lola had it. This week Logan and I had it. The gross bug came to our house again. We had planned to have a fun date night just Mark and I. I took the kids to Mom's house Mark and I were getting ready to go out and he was feeling really tired from working a long week at work so we played video games for a while and he went to bed and I went to my Mom's house to get the kids. I figured the kids were sleeping so I decided that I would just sleep there since Mark had work all the next day. I was woken in the middle of the night with Mom telling me that Logan had been puking. What?! He had no signs of being sick. It continued all the morning long. I didn't have the energy to take everyone home so we stayed with my Mom and let he help us out. I felt really guilty about this telling my self that it was my duty to take care of my kids myself. I just didn't feel right myself. Logan started to feel better and Mom was going to watch my kids while I went to the Market to stock the house up on things for the week. I was in the market parking lot and I just couldn't get myself out of the car. Somethings just wasn't right. I went back to My Mom's house and I was done. I WAS SICK! It came out of no where. I couldn't get back to the car because everything was spinning. I fell on the couch and begged that no one touch my just to let me be for a while. I'm so grateful my Mom was so helpful that day with watching my kids and helping me out. We were there for a while when I finally just told Mark to put me in the car so I could be at home. When I got home Mark gave me a blessing and I was wanting death. I know that sounds bad but I was so sick I never been that sick before. I think I was a little delirious too. Mark nursed me back to health while still taking care of Logan who started to puke again and the baby who was angry because he had to have formula. We had to stay home from church and take care of ourselves. Lucky for us today is Monday and we all feel fine right now. Now I just got to scrub everything in the house to make sure I got all the sickies out.

Who's who??

In our family all our names have changed. Sometimes the new name only last for a minute. It's very confusing and hard to remember who everyone is now. Let me tell you what is going on. Lola, our bright and wonderful little girl has discovered her imagination. I love it when children can imagine things, I think that it is wonderful. Well in her imagination we all change our names, like Lola will say, "Now I'm Mommy, you be....Logan!". She'll tell me that there is thunder outside and we have to play hide and seek. I know that it doesn't make sense but that is her imagination and for a 2.5 year old that's wonderful. It goes on all day long sometimes I'm Daddy going to work or I'm a pirate reading books to a princess while the crocodiles (Bridger) watches. Her imagination is wonderfully brilliant. Logan is catching on to how this works and is starting to come up with his own stories. He likes to play monsters and hide in closets and under beds. Note, he likes to be the monster, silly boy. He'll pop out of the closet and scream, "There you are! I gotcha ya!!". Bridger squeals with delight when his brother scares him, he loves attention from him. With all this going on our house is full of giggles and happiness that only children can bring.

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Baby

My Baby is growing up. I know it sounds silly. I didn't want this baby to grow up. Bridger is my cuddle bug. None the less he is growing and changing. He still prefers that I hold him all day long, which is fine, and I do. He loves watching his big brother and big sister play. You can tell by the look in his eye that he can't wait to follow them around. Now at meal times he wants to sit in his high chair and watch us all eat. It's really funny since I still only breastfeed him. I have given him a few things like a few teaspoons of rice cereal and some carrots but he doesn't much care for them. I know what you are thinking how can that baby be so fat and only eat milk?! Bridger is happy to watch us eat for now and play with his little toys. I can honestly say that it is with great pleasure to have my babies grow and be healthy but I still wish that time would slow down just a little so I can enjoy it more.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ohio is a State of Emergency

3:41pm, Monday Ohio - State of Emergency Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland says about 2 million customers in the state are without power in the wake of high winds from the remnants of Hurricane Ike. Strickland also has declared a state of emergency, which will allow the Ohio Department of Transportation to help local communities remove debris from roads. 84 of the state's 88 counties received damage. At least four people were killed when hit by toppled trees or falling branches. A fifth person was electrocuted working on a generator Monday. Strickland says it will take days to restore power in all areas of the state.
About 450 school districts canceled classes on Monday, and one-third of state traffic signals were down.

This is what is going on right now. At our house we are some of the lucky. We lost the soffits and some siding. Luckily for us we were able to walk down our street and collect all the pieces. One of our neighbors were nice enough to run out in the high winds and gather the soffits. Our winds were 70 and 90 mph. It came out of no where. We are the Lucky ones! We look around and there is destruction everywhere. People have trees in their homes, cars and blocking roads. I had to go out in the traffic yesterday and the people are acting like its the end of the world out there. I was ran off the road and almost side swiped twice and I made it home and I will not be going out in that until people calm down.

Here are some pictures of what is going on.

Mark and Brother Dorman from our Ward were able to build a structure and then put a ladder on the porch and put it all back up. I did not get pictures of them doing this because I was to afraid to look. This was the highest and hardest to get to place on our house. I'm so glad that Bro. Dorman and Mark were able to get this done. Thanks Guys!!!

We are just in shock at how bad it is. Gas stations are not able to give gas because of no power to make the pumps run. Water is being conserved. Schools are closed. Hospitals are full and turning people away. People are getting angry. Mark has to work out in it all. Putting people's power back to their houses but I'm just glad that he's the person that people really want to see out there so I know that he is safe. I know that we are safe where we are, we just don't go out in the ciaos and we can wait it's not a big deal. I'm grateful for food storage now!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Up Date!

OK, its On! The Cricket still lives! He mocks me. I have looked everywhere. I hear him all night. And being that I don't have all my hearing and that I can STILL here him is saying something. Mark says that it puts him to sleep. I think that anything can put Mark to sleep. The little bugger is keeping me up and driving my crazy! Tonight I'm going through all my kids clothes for fall and seeing what I have for the baby to wear. So I will be in the basement for a while tonight. If I find that little guy you better believe that there will be a confrontation! While I wait to find him does anyone know if a mouse trap would work on a cricket??? How do you get rid of one. I know that he'll have to die sometime but who knows how long they live? Any ways if you got idea's let me know. I need them.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Does anyone ever have unnatural fears. Like the little cricket that you have in your basement, that you can't find, will go up two flights of steps, and jump into your bed and sleep in your nose?!
For those that don't know me that well will know that I got some fears that can not be explained. People that I know that got these little quirks I tell them to 'suck it up'. Funny how this works. My Dear Husband listens to me rant and rave because there are crickets in our basement. I can't catch them. Our pet bunnies won't eat them. The dog is scared of them. What to do?? My mission tonight is to get the shop-vac from the garage (only if I don't see mice that send me running), and vac everything that I can in our basement. I hate being in our basement but I need to be there to do laundry and play with the bunnies. So if you call tonight know that I might not get to the phone. If I don't call you back tomorrow, know that the crickets got me and please send reinforcement.

And yes I know that it is bad luck to kill crickets.... They should know that it is bad luck to stay in my house uninvited.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Potty time...

I thought that this was cute.....

I was cleaning the downstairs and left the gate at the stairs open so that the kids could go upstairs to play with their toys. I looked around and I saw the boys but couldn't find Lola. That's fine she probably went upstairs to play. I went to check on her and make sure she was safe. I didn't find her in her room, my room, the room left the bathroom. Now as a Mom I worry about the kids playing in the bathroom, getting into makeup, putting toys in the toilet, unrolling toilet paper (and the dangerous stuff too!). I was getting nervous, I quickly opened the door and... this is what I saw.
Lola took off her pants, her diaper and put her diaper in the basket and sat on the toilet all by herself. What a big girl! I told her to wait there while I got the camera. She didn't do anything but she is trying. I am so proud that she is deciding to do this all on her own. Way to go Lola!

Bath time...

My kids love taking a bath. Soon, very soon, Logan and Lola will no longer be bathing with each other. They are getting close to the age of learning personal space, and then I think that it will be inappropriate for them to bathe together. So, for now its OK.

Lola asleep!?

Lola is my child that doesn't require much sleep. It drives he crazy sometimes. Here are some picture when I got her to take a little nap on the couch. Note that I even snagged a picture of her drooling. Ahhh, shes gonna hate that picture when she is older. Good thing I got then, right?


My kids love their sunglasses. Lately Logan wears his morning to evening. This is Logan at breakfast with his shades. Lola couldn't find hers so she borrowed Bridger's. Silly little babes.

Bridger and his Wobbies

Mark took some picture of Bridger in the Van on one of our outings and Bridger was surrounded by his Wobbies. He LOVES his wobbies, and sometimes it is the only way to calm him down is to give him one of the three that we have. Here is the cute little man in his Carseat.

Many faces of Logan

I was running into a store quickly so Mark stayed in the van with the kids so I could go faster. Logan was in a silly mood so Mark took pictures of all the faces he was giving him. This is what he got. I think it is soo cute.

Temple Trip

Mark and I finally went to the temple again. It is just far enough away that I didn't think I could leave my babies. I got my Mom to take care of my Kiddies and we went. A member of our ward was going for his first time so we got a group photo.

Insane for McCain

OK so Mark and I are not 'Insane for McCain' but we do support him. Here are our pictures of the Rally that was held in Dayton, Ohio August 29,2008. That's right we were there when Sarah Palin was announced as VP. We were there when history was made.

Mark and I in the van getting breakfast on our way to the rally

Waiting in Line for an hour just to get into the place. There were sooo many people. It took so long that Bridger took a nap in Mark's arms while we waited.This is when everyone started coming in. There were more people to come.
Breastfeeding as the rally. That's right I feed my child in public.
Baby Loves snuggle time with Daddy.

One of the speakers.Bridger with his 'thumb up' We think this means he is all for McCain.Like I said tons of people.