Monday, September 1, 2008

Insane for McCain

OK so Mark and I are not 'Insane for McCain' but we do support him. Here are our pictures of the Rally that was held in Dayton, Ohio August 29,2008. That's right we were there when Sarah Palin was announced as VP. We were there when history was made.

Mark and I in the van getting breakfast on our way to the rally

Waiting in Line for an hour just to get into the place. There were sooo many people. It took so long that Bridger took a nap in Mark's arms while we waited.This is when everyone started coming in. There were more people to come.
Breastfeeding as the rally. That's right I feed my child in public.
Baby Loves snuggle time with Daddy.

One of the speakers.Bridger with his 'thumb up' We think this means he is all for McCain.Like I said tons of people.

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