Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Brigette, Mark and Stacey at the batting cages. After a full weekend of Bridger's colic spells we needed this. It was very fun.

Aunt Stacey came to visit this last weekend. We enjoyed her visit greatly. We went miniature golfing for the twins first time. It was so much fun. Bridger cried (colic) the whole weekend, but other than that it was so much fun. Stacey made this super awesome quilt for Bridger, I will post a picture of it soon...

This is what Aunite B and Auntie Holly gave Logan and Lola. Big kid bikes with helmets. They love them. The twins ask every day to play on the bikes. I still have to push them but they love it! Thanks Bunches to Brandi and Holly.

Here is Mark and Logan playing on the floor at my Mom's house. We were there for 7 hours waiting for my sister, Brandi, and her love, Holly, to arrive. We had lots of fun. We just played our Wii and played with the kids. Brandi and Holly ended up coming late that night due to very bad weather. We were very sad that we did not get to spend much time with them.