Thursday, August 21, 2008

Boonshoft Fun

I took the kids to Boonshoft again last week and here are some pictures from our adventures.

The kids wouldn't get in the dance room with the big kids so they danced outside.
Logan showing the Otter's how he jumps.
Logan driving the pickup truck It's his fav.
going to jail, hmmmmm, no locks?
Lola play vet with the chicken she found.

So I am happy with my self. I have started to let the twins walk with me when we go places. They love it! I took them to Boonshoft again last week and they ran around. I love taking them there. I'm still a little bit of a nut, I watch out for the strange people and the wierdo's, and find ways to get a way from them. I don't let people touch my kids I just don't know who they are and in this world you can never be to careful. Some people may think I'm strange but thats ok I'm just keeping my kids safe. Any who with being the way I am I finally let them walk/run around with me following.

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