Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Way to start a Week

This past Monday was the best I have had in a really long time. I started my day With Mark bathing the kids for me and giving me time to dress myself in peace. After that I went to my Friends house to 'play' in her craft room. After that I went to my Moms house for the kids nap time. I was going to watch a movie with her put you can see from the pictures below that our plans changed. Anyway it was a great day.

Here is Bridger being held my Jarrett, he's eight and Loves babies.

Logan Loved playing the the boy's toys at my friends house. They really loved it there.

Here is Lola being dressed like a princess by Grandma T.
Logan and Owen were playing pirates. Logan loved this game. Owen was to afraid to hurt Logan so he stood there and let Logan 'win'. What a great big cousin!
Lola wanted to be a pirate princess.

I even played a little. I looked like the living dead but I had fun!

Lola and Francci played wands too!

The kids were having so much fun they didn't want their naps.

Bridger wore the hat too!

Logan felt the need to slay the cute little princess, silly little boy.

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