Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What we have been up to.

Summer is here. It's hot and it will be for a while. Gas prices are up. That seems to be the normal things people are talking about. Here are the Porter House, its all that and more.
I'm back in school. Yeah, I'm doing it. I am finally starting my ASL (American Sign Language) classes. It's great.
Mark is working tons (as always). Staying busy when he is at home helping me do the thousands of things that need to be done.
Logan and Lola are well.... 2. They are getting to that age were they have a little mind of their own. They are great kids. They love to ride there bikes. They Love to paint (we paint a few times a week), and they like play-doh. They also love just being 'big kids'.
Bridger is growing very fast. I wish it would slow down a little. He still has his colic. It's very hard to be around a baby that cries all the time. Some days it is better. When he is happy it is so great. He smiles and coos and loves to be cuddled. He is getting his first two teeth, it sad to see him growing up.
Mark and I are keeping the summer simple. Our Sisters came to see us last month. That's what we have been waiting for months for. Now we are just going to have fun at home in our spare time.
I bought the kids a little 'slip and slide' for $8 at target and I can't wait to see them try it. During the week I take the kids to Spraygrounds at different parks. It's really fun. Its like giant sprinklers and water everywhere. It's an awesome way to cool off and there is always little kids for the twins to play with. After we go to the spraygrounds we usually go to the library. The twins love the library. They feel like big kids getting the books they want and reading them at the table. I like it too. It makes me feel like I'm doing something right when your kids ask to go the the library.
Logan and Lola want to learn to potty but they are still a little scared of the toilet. I got all the different potties and all that kind of stuff. They just have to overcome the fears they have. I'm not pushing for potty training at all. I believe that when a child is ready they will do it and it will not take long (if they are truly ready). I can't imagine the twins potty trained. Only one child in diapers!?! Is that something that normal people have!?! I have never had just one child in diapers. It would be a dream come true.
Any who that is what we have in plan right now. Nothing big, just us being us.

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